Thai Buruma - Ata pirikara with Stainless Steel Thai Pathra Alms bowl

Thai Buruma – Ata pirikara with Stainless Steel Thai Pathra

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Thai Cotton Material Atapirikara included as follows:
Depota Sivura is not included for this set, so two Thai cotton robes are used.

* Thai Stainless Steel Thai Pathra(Paththaraya).
* 2 Thanipota Sivura (Siura – Cotton Material).
* Andana Sivura (Siura – Cotton Material).
* Banda Patiya.
* Perahankadaya.
* Idikatu/Nuulbola.
* Dali Pihiya.

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Product Description

Create the first robe piece, the waistcloth (antarasavaka). It is worn under the uttarasanga. This rectangular piece of cloth is approximately 4 feet wide by 6 feet in length. This is loose fitting and wraps around the waist, hanging to the knee. It is tied at the waist, sarong-like, with a flat cloth belt.

Make the second robe piece, the upper layer (uttarasanga). This is the most prominent robe, sometimes called the kashaya, referring to a brown or saffron dye. This piece is one layer of fabric measuring approximately 6 by 9 feet. It is sometimes wrapped to cover both shoulders, but most often is wrapped to cover the left shoulder, leaving the right shoulder and arm bare.

Make the third robe piece, the outer robe. This robe (sanghati) is made of two layers of cloth for extra warmth, each measuring 6 by 9 feet. It is also used to spread out as bedding or used as a seat. When not in use it is folded and placed over one shoulder.

Additional Information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 30 x 24 x 24 in


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