sri lanka quality and standards for sesanda pooja bhanda

Quality and Standards of Our Offerings Gifts

Standards related to buddhist offering gifts previously also Sesanda brought out. There are number of misuse have been seen on TV,Radio and news papers, so government has stand to maintain a quality and standards for production and selling them.

SLS approved sizes for buddhist monk robe

sri lanka sls for buddhist monk robe sivuru size andana chart
Sri Lanka Standard for Sivuru sizes by chart.

According to Sri Lanka Standards Institution approved width and height for monk robe(sivura), there are five types of sizes are given for five pieces sivuru according to vinaya rules.
ශ්‍රී ලංකා ප්‍රමිති ආයතනය විසින් බෞද්ධ ස්වාමින්වහන්සේ උදෙසා සිවුර සඳහා අනුමත දිග පළල ප්‍රමාණයන්. පස්කඩ සිවුර ගනිමින්, සිවුරු ප්‍රමාණ පහක් සඳහා ප්‍රමාණ සඳහන් වන අතර, විනය පිටකයට අනුව සකසා ඇත.
sls for buddhist monk sivura size

SLS approved sizes for buddhist monk inner wear(andanaya, andanakadaya)

For the nanakadaya, there are five sizes given, as follows. ශ්‍රී ලංකා ප්‍රමිති ආයතනය විසින් බෞද්ධ ස්වාමින්වහන්සේ උදෙසා අඳනය සඳහාද ප්‍රමාණ පහක් ලබාදී ඇත.
sls for buddhist monk andana size

SLS approved colours for buddhist monk robe and inner wear.

sri lanka sls for buddhist monk robe sivuru colours
Based on four colour types few variation are given. These colours are applicable for robe and inner wear too.
මුලික වර්ණ හතරක් අනුමත කරමින්, ඒවායේ ආසන්න වර්ණයන් කීපයක් ලබාදී ඇත. මෙම වර්ණයන් සිවුර හා අඳනය වර්ග දෙකටම පොදුවන ලෙස දී ඇත.

Gazette announcements for quality

Two special gazette announcements have been issued as follows. 1918-20_S and 1918-21_S

We have checked with SLS Sri Lanka for certified vendors for above standards(by 17of Jan 2017) unfortunately above process on the way to find them.

At Sesanda what is the quality and standards

Currently we have above all sizes and default size is large (L) but request of client we are able to give other sizes too. Our manufactures buy fabric from Pearl Tex and productions are made. 35×65 fabric quality is maintained(35 cotton and 65 of polyester mix). Colours are only based on what they can available from market. But try to match as much as possible.

Special note: On the staring of the page there are number of logos are appeared. Those are shown to inform to users what is the important of this standards and why need such a quality for offering items and make there respect to what they buy or what they sell.