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Standards for Robes and Atapirikara (SLS)


Standards for Robes and Atapirikara have been come to significant need as part of remove inferior items. Consumer Affairs Protection Authority (CAA) and Sri Lanka Standards Institute have been instructed to stipulate new quality standards in the production and sale of Atapirikara and Robes.

According to the existing and accepted standards for Atapirikara that were gazetted on a recommendation by the Buddha Sasana Ministry under the Consumer Protection Authority Act, the items should conform to Sri Lanka Standard SLS 1257 and SLS 1258.

Two special gazette announcements have been issued as follows. 1918-20_S


Standard Details for Eight requisites(Ata pirikara)

Standard No : SLS 1258
Year : 2004
Title : Eight requisites(Ata pirikara) for Buddhist Clergy
Subject :
Price (LKR) : 350
Price (USD) : 0
ICS No :
Revision No : 0
Equivalent Standard :
Scope : Describes the structure, finish and other  requirements for the eight requisites used by  Buddhist Clergy.
(In Sinhala & English)
Amendment : AMD 355 :2007 incorporated
Key Words : Eight requisites Ata pirikara Buddhist Clergy


Standard Details for Robes

Standard No : SLS 1257
Year : 2006
Title : Robes for buddhist clergy
Subject :
Price (LKR) : 500
Price (USD) : 0
ICS No :
Revision No : 0
Equivalent Standard :
Scope : Prescribes the structure, finish and other  requirements for Robes used by Buddhist clergy.
(In Sinhala & English)
Amendment : AMD 334 :2006 incorporated
Key Words : Robes buddhist clergy

Sesanda team went and met high officials from SLIS and Ministry of Buddha Sasana, got the information. From our shop you may can available and request specification documents issued by SLIS.WE have attached gazette announcements issued by CAA as it can be show public by downloading site and same time we have standards documents for Atapirikara and Robes which were issued bu SLIS. As we got them by paying, we are not sure can they be public by us, so you are informed to asked from our shop to read and for your knowledge.

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